Fabulous gifts for the BEST dad ever !


You are still in time to find a simply brilliant gift !


SO YOU FORGOT that Father's Day is this Sunday, June 16! You have two options: First, you can cross your fingers and hope that dad has forgotten too.... Or you can relax, have a look at our lovely Father's Day Gift Guide, and come directly to our store to grab the perfect present!


A bright Idea 

What's more original than a book ... light ?
From £36, when he opens the book, he'll discover it isn't a book after all but a sculptural lighting design, with its soft touch pages shining light all around. Cool...


Classy and elegant

Hip flask and bottle stoppers, from £17

Pewter Cuff links.... especially for Dad, show your heart.

Give him some peaceful reading time....

Book marks and book ends from £8.

Little leather goods

Key rings from £16.

Happy Father's Day

Psst... share with your kids and your partner!!

Last but not least... what about bugging him with one of these little beasts?

Aveline Evans