Five Reasons Why we Love Velvet 


Most gloriously velvet is lush and opulent...
but also...

1. It’s timeless

The best thing about a velvet sofa or armchair is that it’s a classic and timeless piece of furniture that isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. Yes, you may chose to go for a vibrant trend-led colour, but if you choose a classic hue, it will stand the test of time.

Velvet bucket seat 

Its gorgeous contemporary design would suit both modern and traditional décor. £495

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2. Blissful and rich

Think about a cosy night; candles lit, wrapped up in a blanket watching one of your favourite films. Now imagine the same scenario but you’re lying on a velvet cushion; there really is no better fabric for snuggling up on.

Velvet art cushions

Two sizes available these,be it on the sofa, a bench window seat or on a chaise. From £58

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3. It’s stylish

As well as being incredibly comfortable, velvet sofas and armchairs are also design-led pieces. Whether you opt for a colourful sofa, a modern design or a cosy little armchair, your new piece of furniture is guaranteed to be a talking point in your home.

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4. It goes with everything

You don’t have to worry about velvet clashing with any other fabrics or materials in your home – it looks just as great teamed with industrial bare brick walls as when styled against a painted wood paneled wall. When paired with bare bricks, concrete walls and exposed light bulbs, a velvet dining chair instantly warms a room and invites you to get comfortable. Our well-designed scandi velvet chairs with their sleek silhouettes will also fulfill your love of colour as you can select from a range of rich hues. 

Velvet Scandi dinning chair

This contemporary design has been especially designed for comfort and long hours spent round the dining table. £158

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5. It works for any style 

Whether you prefer a classic style or a more modern look, a velvet object will easily fit in. If you’re looking for bags or pouches, our new range will please you –  you can choose from our wide range of stunning prints. Love the discreet look associated with a touch of velvet? Our photo frames collection works perfectly with any style.

Velvet bag

These rich little velvet bags are perfect as makeup bags & pouches. They can carry your lipstick, liner and other necessities, as well as be a purse or phone holder. From £13

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Velvet Photo frame

Photos immortalise memories and refresh the mind as we contemplate them! In order to avoid losing your favorite box fans moments, frame them in this velvet frame that will make you smile as soon as you pass by. £27

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