Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirrors are not only a practical object but can take on a plethora of roles. They are a great way to amplify light and space while completing the look of a room. Discover the various ways to maximise the potential of the age old looking glass.

mirror .jpg

Oversized mirrors

A great way to maximise the amount of light in a room is with oversized mirrors and with the days getting shorter, it’s a useful technique to reflect that limited daylight. Oversized mirrors are a great way to achieve that avant-garde look, the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space and there is no such thing as a mirror that is too big.

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Oval or round mirrors

Add a little charm and character to your home  with circular mirrors. They add a touch of modernity and make for an innovative frame for reflecting the artwork in your home. 

Oval mirrors

Statement mirrors

Choose a statement mirror and build your space around it to create and show off your personality while achieving that focal point in the room. Large floor mirrors create the illusion of taller walls while generating a bit of drama. 

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