Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

With the clocks having gone back this weekend we thought what better time than to have a post exclusively dedicated to clocks! 

This post will introduce you to a plethora of stunning clocks, whether it’s the avant-garde inspired clocks of Salvador Dali that piques your interest, or the more traditional and classic clocks. They are a great way to create that statement piece in your home and should be seen as more of an investment than anything else - they also make great gifts.

clocks mix.jpg

Oversized clocks

Nothing screams statement more than an oversized anything. Oversized clocks are a creative way to establish a focal point in the room while maintaining balance. 

Very much on trend, the copper on these clocks inspire a clean and industrial look and no doubt a statement piece. The contemporary style would contrast nicely in a classic space, whether it’s a Scottish country cottage or a French country house. 


Timeless clocks

Excuse the pun, but for the more traditional aficionados out there, the timeless clocks are an efficient way of staying on trend year after year — call it the LBD of clocks. The traditional feature can be a tool to soften and romanticise the occasional unimaginative undertone of a modern home. 

Quirky clocks

We are known for being different.... Keep your household ticking along nicely with a quirky clock that shows off your personality. Adding charm to your space will enhance a welcoming feel and it's a great conversation starter.

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