Andy W Langton


A most talented, self taught photographer and painter, Andy Langton is known for his documenting and thought provoking portraiture, showing diverse cultural perspectives and striking landscapes. 

In collaboration with Age International and The Guardian newspaper, Andy's work in South Korea won first prize and formed part of the "Strength For Life" photography exhibition held at St Martin-In-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square in 2016.


Art bespoke for your interior

Most originally Andy's work is printed on a variety of media forms. Materials can range from aluminium sheet, reclaimed pine boards, timber laminated panels and acrylic. Each piece is then hand finished. This cutting edge method of displaying photographs would make a unique focal point for any home. Sizing can be accommodated up to 2.5 metres in width so plenty of scope to produce bespoke pieces. We have a variety of work available in our Dundas Street store with the option to source alternative images from Andy’s beautiful and eclectic catalogue. 

Range of artwork to showcase in your home

One of the largest solo photography exhibitions to be seen in Singapore in recent years, Andy's Imagine People & Places exhibition showed a collection of over 60 stunning and captivating photographic images from around Asia. Some of these are now available for your to purchase in Edinburgh. Printed on reclaimed timber each piece is hand finished and individual. £585.

The range of work includes intimate portraits, vibrant street scenes and landscapes spanning all aspects of life around the region



Emily Little


Emily Jean Melville Little is a New Zealand born artist of Scottish origin who grew up in England and is currently based in Rome.  She travels frequently between Italy, Ireland and Scotland. Emily began painting landscapes in oils, acrylics and watercolours while living in West Yorkshire in her early teens. Her residence in ltaly furthered the development of her landscapes and her highly personal use of light and colour.

The adoption of collage in her painting, with its ability to reflect and detract light and its suggestion of form, provides another facet to her work.

Although inspired by 'places seen' or 'spaces experienced' (England, Australia, Scotland, Rome and Piedmont in ltaly) Emily's landscapes evolve in the studio and are part of a lengthy process. Part of this involves creating a 'paper palette' by hand colouring Oriental papers before beginning work on the chosen support (cotton heavy weight paper sourced from the Cartiere Miliani, Fabriano). 

The process is often a physical and mental battle where materials and form are pushed to their structural limits. Sometimes with no preconceived point of arrival the painting reaches a state of balance and harmony when colour, texture and marks form a harmonious whole.



Ewan Stirrat


Ewan Stirrat was born in 1967 at Airthrey Castle in Stirling. He trained at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and has travelled extensively finding inspiration and creativity. 

He has exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions, in London, Manchester, Glasgow & Edinburgh. He has also displayed his work at the RSA with the Scottish Society of Artists. His work can be found in private collections worldwide.

Ewan’s work has always explored themes of mortality, myth and legend, nature and the spiritual path of mankind. Birds as a powerful symbol of transcendence, hope and rebirth, are prevalent in his current work.



Garth Bayley


Garth’s work is big, bold and full of movement. An expressionistic style with lavish use of colour Garth works mainly in traditional oils. He is influenced by every day life and has a particular fascination for horse racing, cycling and dancing, where he captures the heart of a moment on his canvas. 

Originally from South Africa his practice is now based in the Ayrshire countryside.  Garth will sometimes work on a project outside instead of the studio and has been known to stand in the snow with his easel to capture the true light and spirit of a place. Many of his dance pieces are painted from life in a dance studio. “I like to capture the essence of a scene using real life and photos to convey a story, a sense of place and movement."

Garth Bayley is a member of Scotland Artists and exhibits in Glasgow, Suffolk and London. He has works in private collections across the world including the US and Australia. He has recently been commissioned by Hamilton Park Races to crate a series of paintings on flat racing. Garth is also well known for his work on cycling and has documented major cycling tours including the Tour of Britain and the Tour de France leading to several commissions for cyclist and speciality magazines.